DIGITAL EDITION: Mystische Bücher in der Bibliothek der Kartause Erfurt

This edition is part of the Freiburg DFG project “Making Mysticism. Mystical books in the library of the Erfurt Kartause" (

It provides:
- a slightly normalized critical new edition of the 'mystical' signature groups D, DF, E, F and I of the library catalog of the Erfurt Charterhouse St. Salvatorberg (Erfurt, Bibliothek des Bistumsarchivs, Hs. Hist. 6), which was created around 1475 and continued until around 1520;
- the first edition of the DEF, D, E and F accompanying - mostly introductory - comments (they are of compilatory nature), which testify to the conceptual structure and the mystical character of the catalogue;
- development tools for the edited text in form of apparatus and registers that provide information about the text-critical decisions of the editors, the codicological features of Hs. Hist. 6, inform about the authors and works referred to in D (theologia mystica) and I (exempla et revelationes) and the sources cited in the mostly introductory comments;
- a (not yet complete) overview of the scribal hands involved in the creation of the signature groups D, DF, E, F and I in the "Buchansicht" mode of the digital edition, which allows the state of the catalog around 1475 and around 1520 to be displayed, and
- diverse research materials, which can be accessed either via the tab "Materialien" of the Digital Edition or the project portal e.g. a de verbo ad verbum translation of the commentaries on DEF, D, E and F; an overview of the preserved book stock of the Erfurt Charterhouse (including the books listed in D, DF, E, F and I), a testimonial of reception of the Erfurt Carthusian catalog from the 16th century, the digital copy of Hs. Hist. 6 and of Lehmann's edition in the Mirador viewer and much more.
- care was taken to ensure that the digital edition could be cited even in print publications

Mystische Bücher in der Bibliothek der Kartause Erfurt. Digitale Edition, hg. von Marieke Abram, Susanne Bernhardt und Gilbert Fournier, Freiburg: Universitätsbibliothek, Version 1.0 (2.3.2022) URL