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One of the main tasks of the non-profit organization Cartusiana is to stimulate and support scientific studies and the edition of historical sources. A new series, called Studia Cartusiana (abbreviated: StuCa), has grown out of this idea. It is published by Peeters Publishers Leuven as a subseries of Miscellanea Neerlandica, founded by Frans Hendrickx.

The studies presented in this series focus on the history of the Carthusian Order in the Teutonic Carthusian province, i.e. in a broader sense the history of the charterhouses which existed in the present Belgium and The Netherlands. Nevertheless, the historical and geographical definition of the series should not be interpreted too narrowly. Also studies related to charterhouses outside the Low Countries can be included, especially when they seek to demonstrate mutual influences which in one way or another have been important for the history of one or more houses in the Low Countries. Also studies on topics concerning the order in general (i.e. not centering on a particular Carthusian monastery or a specific Carthusian province) are accepted.

The book series aims to explore all aspects of the material, religious, intellectual and artistic culture of the Carthusian Order, such as general and institutional history, social and economic history, history of the literary heritage, history of the spiritual and intellectual life, history of art and art production, etc.

Founders: Frans Hendrickx & Tom Gaens

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