The Carthusian monastery near Delft 1469-1573: Sober hermits?


Bulder, S. J.

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S. J. Bulder
The Carthusian monastery near Delft 1469-1573: Sober hermits?, Master thesis, Leiden, Universiteit Leiden: Faculteit van Archeologie, 2017, – p.  
[Bulder 2017]


archaeologia, Delft O.Cart. (archaeologia), Delft O.Cart. (vita eremitica), vita eremitica


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This thesis focuses on ceramics and glass artefacts and on bird bones that were, in the main, recovered from the cesspits of monk cells in the Carthusian monastery near Delft. The thesis investigates whether the monks adhered strictly to the Carthusian rule or if they were ordered by the more lenient rules that seemed to be more common in the 15th and 16th centuries. The material culture suggests that the monks led a less sober life than what may be expected.