Les livres d’un chartreux de Cologne au XVe siècle

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Christine Gadrat-Ouerfelli & Donatella Nebbiai
Les livres d’un chartreux de Cologne au XVe siècle, in: Scriptorium. Revue internationale des études relatives aux manuscrits, 71 (2017), 209-237, ill.  
[Gadrat-Ouerfelli & Nebbiai 2017]


Henricus de Dissen O.Cart. (opera)


Largely unknown, Henri of Dissen († 1484), monk at the charterhouse of St. Barbara in Cologne, let an abundant manuscript production, totally unpublished. His prolific work covers many fields. Thanks to the discovery of a list of books (bibliography or library catalog ?) which can be ascribed to him, and of a spiritual treaty imbued with geographical culture, the Oculus fidei, it is possible to bring to light his reading and writing practices, which took place in the context of the spiritual and pastoral revival of the urban charterhouses at the end of the Middle Ages.