A construção de uma comunidade sensível: corpo, afeto e emoção nos escritos de Guigo I (Grande Cartuxa, 1109-1136) [The construction of a sensitive community: body, affection and emotion in the writings of Guigo I (Grande Chartreuse, 1109-1136) ]


Guigo I O.Cart. (affectus)


Withdrawal from the world was a constant concern in the writings of the first Carthusians. However, they still reflected on how one should live in this world. Guigo I (1083? -1136), fifth prior of the house, produced a number of texts on the matter. In this article, we intend to demonstrate that, for Guigo, the shift of the mundane topography to the spiritual topography of isolation depended, to a great extent, on the body and its sensibility. To do so, after a brief examination of the study of emotions, we will see how social tensions can converge on the human body; then a brief summary of the Christian thinking on sensibilities will allow us to glimpse on the ecclesiological implications of the control of emotions; finally, through a study of the semantic field of affections in the texts of Guigo, we will perceive the role of quietude on the formation of the Carthusian (emotional) community.