Leuven: Incunabel (Psalterium cum canticis ca. 1468?) [1]

Shelfmark: Bodleian Library Auct. M inf. 1.11
Holding Institution: Bodleian Libraries, University of Oxford
Date Statement: [c. 1468?]
Place of Origin: [Cologne]
Language: Latin
Printer: [Ulrich Zell]
Catalogue Identifier: Bod-inc. P-499

Bod-Inc: P-499

Analysis of Content
[a2r] [Psalterium, Ps 1-150.]
[s2r] [Cantica.] See P‑495, nos 8, 1-7, 11, 9-10, 15, [ ].

Imprint: [Cologne: Ulrich Zell, c.1468?]. 8°.
Remarks: As assigned by Sheppard; as dated by CIBN P‑647a (a fragment of two leaves up to now erroneously considered as belonging to a ‘diurnale' [H 6294; Pellechet 4374; de Ricci, Mayence, 89]), on the basis of several significant type similarities to Thomas Aquinas, Summa theologica. [Cologne: Ulrich Zell, c.1468] (Bod-inc. T‑165) [personal communication from Ursula Baurmeister, Oct. 2002 to June 2003]. Sheppard dates [c.1475], from the state of the type which he considered agreed with that found in Albertus Magnus, Sermones de tempore et de sanctis (GW 773). Pr assigns to [Mainz: Peter Schoeffer].

Collation: [a b12 c8 d10+1 e8 f12 g8 h8+1 i8+1+1 k12 l8 m12 n–p8 q12 r8 s12 t4 . . .]
Remarks: No complete collation available.
Types: Type: 115 G.
Leaves: Total number of leaves not known.
Line number: 17 lines ([a3r]).
Type area: 98 ×65 mm ([a3r]).
Remarks: Leaf [a2r]: ‘[B]Eatus vir qui nō | abijt in cōſilio im= | pioꝝ: [et] in via pec= | catoꝝ nō ſtetit: et | . . .'; [s2r]: ‘[B]Enedictus dn̄s deus iſrl': | qꝛ viſitauit [et] fecit redem= | cōem pleb' ſue . . .'; [t4r], l. 3: ‘[Q]uicūqƺ vult ſaluus eſſe . . .'; [t4v], l. 17: ‘ſicc̄amp;#772; ſingillatī vnāꝙ̃ qƺ [per]ſonā deū |'.

ISTC: ip01039800
Proctor: Pr 137;
Others: Bohatta, Lit. Bibl., 865; Sheppard 693-4.
LCN: 14086198

Copy number: P-499(1)
Wanting [a1], [a12], and all after [t4].
On [b2r] the first two lines of text (`Corde suo . . . lingua sua') repeat the last two on the preceding page.

Eighteenth-century English gold-tooled red morocco, Harleian style; bound by Christopher Chapman. Triple fillets form a double frame; within the outer frame a floral and foliate roll; within the following frame, a decorative roll (Nixon, ‘Harleian Bindings', pl. 14, Chapman roll 1). The inner rectangle is decorated with a centre-piece very similar to Nixon, ‘Harleian Bindings', pl. 13. The gold stamp of the Bodleian Library on leather has been applied over the centre-piece on the front cover. Marbled pastedowns.

157 × 117 × 43 mm.

Size of leaf
148 × 104 mm.

Contemporary manuscript liturgical rubrics, musical notation, and foliation: 1-180. On [f8r] is pasted a woodcut of the arms of Leo X Pont. Max., with the note: ‘P. Leo X Ann. 1513'.

On [a2r] a four-line initial ‘B' is supplied in interlocked red and blue with red and black pen-work decoration. Other initials are supplied in red or blue.

Louvain, Brabant, Carthusians; inscription on [a2r]: ‘Carthusianorum Louanientium'. Edward, Lord Harley, later 2nd Earl of Oxford (1689-1741); bought by Thomas Osborne; see Catalogus Bibliothecae Harleianae, I no. 525; upper corner of the front endleaf cut off, as in other Harleian books. Acquired after 1743-5.

SHELFMARK: Auct. M inf. 1.11.

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