Overlapping space and temporal access in the Chartreuse de Champmol

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Laura Chilson-Parks
Overlapping space and temporal access in the Chartreuse de Champmol, in: Sheila Bonde & Clark Maines (eds.), Other monasticisms. Studies in the history and architecture of religious communities outside the canon, 11th - 15th Centuries, Turnhout, 2022, – (= Art series)  
[Chilson-Parks 2022]


Champmol O.Cart. (oratora ducum Burgundiae), societas electissima


“Professor Chilson-Parks examines the presence of lay individuals as well as elite prayer spaces within the Carthusian monastery of Champmol in order to suggest a more nuanced adherence to the Rule predicated upon temporal control of overlapping spaces. Her current book project explores how the oratories constructed by the duke and duchess were connected both to one another and to spaces of solitude in distant time and space, through something she has termed ‘resonant experiences’: experiences connected by their facilitation of the user’s retreat into a constant interior space via shared mechanisms” . – Cfr. https://www.brown.edu/academics/art-history/people/laura-chilson-parks-0.